Long Distance Moving: 48 States

  • MD Relocation Services is professional
    Long distance moving company that stands out by being organized, professional and equipped to handle every aspect of moving your entire life from one city to another. It is a daunting prospect, to pick everything you have built and transport it all to a new place, for a new adventure. MD Relocation Services is uniquely qualified to help you do just that.
  • We take inventory and making plan
    It starts, just as our local moves do, with taking an inventory and establishing a Move Plan. Most long distance movers do not have the attention to detail and focus that we do.
  • We are a leader in long distance moving
    Oftentimes, long distance moving companies tend to handle your possessions in a most impersonal way, lugging them across the country in a truck that makes multiple stops, adding extra days to your stressful ordeal. It could also put your belongings in compromised situations. As a leader in long distance moving, we have multiple options to beat that system
  • Moving Long Distance? Try the Weekly Shuttle
    If you are moving to Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles or San Francisco, you can reserve a spot on one of our three weekly shuttles. These destinations are so popular it means we can send regular shuttles. That helps you save money on the move.
  • Non-Stop Trucks for Long Moves
    MD Relocation Services can provide a moving truck that gets your stuff from your old home to your new city – without the constant stops. That exclusive transport leaves you with less to worry about.
  • Express Long Distance Service With a Guaranteed Date
    Moving across the country from New York to L.A.? We have express service that is sure to arrive on the date we agree to. If we don’t make it on time, we will give you $100 in cash. And remember, you get the same great service and attention to detail moving long distance that our local move customers get. Packing and unpacking services, specialty providers such as carpenters that make custom crates and personal, professional attention.

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