Here are some things you need to know if you’re considering hiring MD Relocation Services Moving the next time you move.

  1. We Offer Flat-Rate Pricing – a Simple Flat Rate and No Extra Costs

We are the company that originally brought all-inclusive pricing to New York City more than 20 years ago now. We are proud of the changes we have brought to the moving industry. Just like your inventory won’t change suddenly, neither will the price you pay. So there are no surprises. You will only ever pay the initial price you are quoted unless you make some changes.

  1. A Simple, Stress Free Plan

The best way to bring down stress is to be prepared. Our specialists are great at preparing for a relocation. They spend plenty of time with you to create a full plan including a moving schedule and a list of the routes based on the price.

  1. Customer Service is Our Priority

We help a lot of people move all through the year. As a result we have come to see every transaction we have as a way to build up your relationship with MD Relocation Services Moving. We create life long customers through our dedication to customer service and we would gladly add you to our family.

  1. We Treat Every Move Individually

During our time as licensed movers in NYC and beyond we have seen everything there is to see. We’ve taken all of these experiences and used them to create different add-on options and program tiers that should allow us to meet any moving requirement you may have. We will have an option for you no matter your needs or budget.

  1. We are Reliable, Experienced, and Personable

Our online reviewers will frequently mention our fantastic dispatch center, modern truck fleet and our team of well-trained staff. They are recognized as the keys to the success we have. We work to understand the needs of our customer needs, and please them by working with those needs.

We would be happy to help get rid of the stress of moving and provide you with a quote today.